Donald Kindwald

Lawyer/Parallel Entrepreneur

Founder, Kindwald Law Offices p.c.


You might say that Don Kindwald was born to discover.  You might even say that he was born to create.  However, neither of these statements is entirely descriptive of Don.

The truth is that from about the age of 12, Don started doing odd jobs to make money.  Dimes at first; then quarters and soon real dollars.  On this path, Don learned that there are many opportunities for businessmen if one is observant enough to identify them.  Some say it is the person that creates the opportunities, Don says that the opportunities already exist and just need to be identified.  His philosophy is that some people earn money but he believes in making money.  Integrity is the cornerstone of his moral foundation; Don does what he says.

Chicago born and bred: Don completed his studies at Loyola University (Chicago) and John Marshall Law School.  After working for a large law firm and having a myriad of partners in two other law firms, Don went out on his own and formed Kindwald Law Offices, P.C.  As principal of Kindwald Law, Don was able to utilize his entrepreneurial skills to grow his practice and focus on client service and development.  Don is also a parallel entrepreneur and is currently involved in several other business interests that range from real estate to consumer/business lending to retail online sales.

When Don is not practicing law, he focuses his attention on the Small Business Advocacy Council where he serves on its Board of Directors, policy and membership committees.  Don also leads networking events for the SBAC and focuses on both connecting and making connections in the Chicagoland business community.  As a member of the SBAC policy committee, he helps advocate on behalf of small businesses throughout the state as well as trying to shape the policy of the State of Illinois and City of Chicago.  In addition, Don is a member of the Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association where he serves as an active participant on its membership committee.  Don also serves on the Board of Advisors for Catholic Charities of Chicago.

Don is a published author in law review journals, professional reference materials and well as the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.  He is also a regular speaker at SBAC events and various business and construction related trade association events.

When he is not working, Don likes to workout, run, play tennis, ride motorcycles (in the summer of course) and spend time with his recently acquired (and fairly well trained puppy) Lucy.